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The Balmer Law Office will defend customers facing serious criminal charges across Twin City and Minnesota. The Balmer Law Bureau focuses only on crime and the DWI law. So whether you've made a mistake or wrongly accused, David Balmer is ready to stand up for you. We offer a free, confidential case assessment for 24 hours a day.

Mr Balmer is a Minnesota-born man. He is a senior graduate of both Bessel University and William Mitchell Law School. Prior to establishing the Ballmer Law Office in 2012, Bulmer began his professional career as a reinsurance broker. The new capability offers $30 million in reinsurance contracts negotiated and distributed to insurance companies, helping to manage the risks.

Balmer enjoyed her career in reinsurance, but lacked personal satisfaction that could be gained by helping the people they needed. After completing his nine-year career in the reinsurance industry, Mr. Balmer retired from the field in 2009, entered the law school and finally established a law firm.  Balmer is committed to exclusively protecting the good people in serious criminal cases.

David B.
business owner